the universe beckons...

hello, and welcome to my site! this is the bookshelf of my online house, so to speak— mainly intended as an alternative to my Tumblr, which has ended up the junk drawer. here you can find my musings and ramblings, interspersed with the occasional piece of truly valuable work.

if you'd like to take a look around, all the major areas of the site are linked in the sidebar, or try one of these pages I'm especially fond of:

alternatively, scroll down and have a peek at what's new. some smaller changes aren't tracked in the changelog, like adding to the thoughts page or some of the collections, so what's below might not be the most recent change.

a final word of caution: this site is technically responsive, but as you may have seen already, it is not optimized for small screens. if something looks weird on your phone try switching devices.

what's new


last semester ate me alive, but hey at least I wrote a lot? I have overhauled the writing page because it was a pain in the ass to navigate, and there is a whole pile of new poems on there. I also added a fanfiction section and a piece I wrote last winter to go in it. it's also up on AO3, but I figured having it live in multiple places won't hurt.

find me elsewhere

I am most active on Tumblr, which means it is mostly shitposts at this point. My email is probably the best way to let me know something is broken on the site, or to send me a message privately; that said, do not be alarmed if I take a while to respond. If you have thoughts you would like to share publicly, the guestbook is always open.