... the webmaster

call me Aster or call me Delaney, either is fine. I use they/them pronouns. I identify as nonbinary, more specifically gendervoid, and I'm probably autistic (read: all but confirmed as such by my therapist because the system sucks).

I am an undergraduate student located in the northeast US, studying astronomy, physics, and computer science. I am currently researching strong gravitational lenses and how to use machine learning to identify them.

outside of academics, I am mostly interested in historical fashion, knitting, and other fiber arts. I also enjoy creative writing, D&D, and cooking and baking.

if you are looking to find me elsewhere, I am most active on my tumblr (almost too active, perhaps). I also go by gay-victorian-astronomer on Discord, but as I am terrible at responding to messages I am choosing to keep my full handle to myself.

... the website

as stated on the homepage, I want this to be a more curated home for my thoughts and creative works. in the era of tiktok and its ilk, I care about keeping slow-paced, individualized, non-algorithmically-driven online spaces alive, and one of the more accessible ways for me to do that is to create such a space.

this website was almost entirely hand-coded by me. I've found W3Schools extremely helpful in learning how to do the HTML and CSS necessary to make a site like this. like many others, I've also found sadgrl's webmastery tutorials very helpful. I also found the current background image on her site, available here. further resources for building your own website can be found on the resources page.