1860 sontag shawl

project photos

sontag shawl laid flat on a bed sontag shawl worn over a red dress

project info

status: completed

craft: knitting

pattern: Godey's Lady's Book, January 1860

yarn: Lion Brand Hue & Me in the color Ozone

description: a wraparound shawl, knitted in an alternating pattern of 5x5 stockinette and reverse stockinette squares, secured with buttons at the back to leave the wearer's hands free to do tasks

project thoughts

I really enjoyed making this- it was like crack cocaine to my brain when I figured out that I could combine the historical fashion and knitting into one project. I had to learn how to do increases for this- I learned the knit-front-back increase because I didn't want the holes from yarnovers, and the purl-front-back increase to fit with the basketweave pattern.

I didn't follow the pattern exactly- I didn't do the trim or the tassel ties. Instead, I just made the front pieces long enough to hook into buttons at the back. I also made it longer in the back and did the decreases differently to make it wider in the front. The pattern is also written for DK or worsted yarn- I made it in chunky yarn, which did help solve the problems other people have had with the final garment being too small.

overall, I'm pretty pleased- I don't wear it as often as I would like because it really only pairs well with the red dress in the picture (it's a bit too short to wear over other clothes without looking weird), and I don't wear it super often for gender reasons. it's also a layering piece, and my sensory issues hate layers except in a few cases.