the thought cabinet


I'm not at the point of wanting to cry over my quantum homework but I am approaching the point of wanting to cry about my life more broadly and the quantum homework sure is not helping


I am soooo fucking done with the undergrad grind. just want to fuck around and write my gay little stories about my blorbos but nooooo I have to grade homeworks and do homework and write my thesis and!

I've been trying to evict this stupid fic idea from my brain for a good few weeks now and it's still not fucking done I want to eat my brain


realized I can fuck around and rename this page to the thought cabinet if I want. in completely unrelated news, my disco elysium obsession continues.


hey so remember how I was worried about my laptop being broken? well it broke for real and I only just got it repaired

small update for now because I'm slammed with end-of-semester work & PhD applications; full debrief will happen in December probably


in other news, while I was gone, I got very into the game Disco Elysium. I think some sort of Kim Kitsuragi shrine for the site is in order, but I should probably finish the Willow shrine first.


I am become a wikipedia bro

I'm trying to work on my poster for the symposium next week but I'm having trouble focusing— before I knew it I had the wikipedia article for "poster session" open and I feel nothing but kinship with the guy who was reading the article for "suitcase" instead of packing for his trip

anyways butches hit me up I'll be your wikipedia boyfriend


I am rotating Kim Kitsuragi in my brain

in related news, my brain has also decided that I must cram every bit of Kim/Harry fanfiction on AO3 into my brain as fast as possible


I have tried to rid myself of the wiggly but I have found myself afflicted with the sleepy instead


the number 7781 is my specialest son who has every disease


currently looking at the most recent anti-trans legislation map and wanting to scream at the number of states I have to rule out entirely if I want to safely live there for at least 6 years

graduate school shopping is stressful enough without this bullshit


I should probably redo the home page blurb at some point... expect that soon I guess. and a redone about page.


when will my PI return from the war?

he's out of town right now, and we didn't really talk about what I was supposed to get done this week before he left and I can't harass him in real time about it, so I'm kind of just awkwardly fumbling around


I am fuzzy again :)

finally yeeted my scrangly-ass overgrown mop in favor of a diy buzzcut and I am very pleased with it


apparently I was so busy that I didn't realize the formatting on this page completely broke until almost a month later

needless to say I'm glad the semester's over


I have never related to the phrase "we're riding this train unti the wheels fall off" more

holy fucking shit y'all I am so busy


the real mvps of the 2022-2023 academic year are Dr. Pepper and cherry coke


get these hairy balls out of my physics homework!


sorry about the site update that isn't actually an update

I am waffling on whether to upload the work I've done for my creative writing classes now or wait and post the revised versions. while I think having the original versions up on the site would be cool, some of it also contains more personal information than I want to put online, which may get revised out. In other words, I think I'm going to hold off for now.


y'all ever fall asleep so hard you wake up and feel like you've arrived in an alternate dimension?


I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed writing in iambic pentameter- I think the restrictiveness of the meter forces me to get a bit more creative with my word choices in a way I really like

also, I've been on a kick of using really obscure and technical metaphors in my writing lately- it just scratches some itch in my brain to put physics and astro in places physics and astro don't usually go


a week is not long enough of a spring break jesus christ

class starts up again on Monday and I am already stressed


you can replace a meal with up to 5 hours of hyperfixation, but watch out!

I am going to be hurts later