in a sudden fit of inspiration, I have added photos from summer and fall of 2023 to the photo journal. at some point I'll also post the poems I'm writing for my poetry class, probably once they're done.


we're back in business with a new blog post! a leetle look at my 2023 for y'all.


new poem just dropped! also, I'm not dead and my computer is still chugging along. I am hoping to have some cool new stuff coming soon, but the semester is also starting so I may get run over by my courses instead. we'll see.


zesty new CSS just went live! I've felt like the site could use the ability to have multiple sections in the sidebar for a while, so I am quite pleased that I finally figured out how to make that work. for now, the home page is the only one making use of that, but all the other pages have that ability and may be updated with it in the future.

also, a new blog post has arrived. it is a more important one, since it gives a heads up for a couple things that might impact my ability to update the site in the future.


new poem, wildfire haze, just dropped. air quality in my area is currently the worst in the country due to the smoke from the Canadian wildfires. if you're also in the affected area, stay inside & stay safe.


I added a photo journal to the collections section. also, this is old news, but there's a new blog post up as well. in some ways they go together, so maybe my forgetfulness worked out.


I added the poems I wrote for class this semester to the writing section. There are five of them, loosely intended to be read in the order they're shown on the main writing page.


site re-skin! I hesitate to call it a redesign since the only thing that changed is the CSS— everything is still done the same behind the scenes.

also, the writing section welcomes its first short story!


first blog post has been made!


exact date of update unknown since I forgot to add it to the changelog

but there are now two new pages in the collections: a resources page for free (if potentially corporate) useful sites and software, and a people page for links to other cool personal sites (probably cooler than mine) (you should check them out)


added a projects tab to the navigation bar, for showing off non-writing things I've made

added two projects to said newly created tab!


new look! I wasn't quite happy with how the old site looked and functioned so I've revamped it. the new CSS is responsive for better viewing on mobile (though the site is still best viewed on a larger screen). I've also changed how some of the HTML is being done under the hood to make it more accessible for those using a screenreader.

new content! I want to make it easier for myself to add stuff to the website- student life be crazy and I don't want to have to change 1000 files whenever I want to add something new. to that end, I've added a new "micro-blogging" section under thoughts, which will house shorter snippets as opposed to the longer form blog. I've also reorganized the navbar and eliminated some sections that weren't being used.