my creative writing pieces, organized by genre in no particular order.

be advised: some of my writing deals with upsetting topics. if I think a work needs a content warning, it will be given below the summary on this page so you can see before you click through to read it.

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short stories

works written in prose, in the 2,000-10,000 word range

last night of the world

lovers talk on a pier at the end of the world


works written in verse, free or otherwise.

something golden

on knowing what you want, but not allowing yourself to have it

wildfire haze

on wildfire smoke, in places it usually isn't

inherent ennui

on summer nights, when you don't know who you are

ontario beach

on walking the pier, and relationships

going nowhere

on deadlines & self-criticism

without words

on alexithymia, and trying and failing to be understood

ecological succession

on growth & rebirth & being trans